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Additional Services

We have developed a network of seasoned, trusted partners to provide a range of services to deliver your parts ready for your applications.

Surface Finishing

From anodizing to paint, and every plating and finish in between, MAD MFG can source finishes through our partners to meet every standard out there.


By leaning on experienced wire and sinker EDM Partners, geometries associated with electronic discharge machining are handled in an expert fashion.

Non-Destructive Testing

Our partners can deliver NDT to ensure reliability of the highest standard is delivered as specified.

Heat Treatment

When stress reliving, annealing, and hardening are required, our network delivers!


When surface finishes and tolerances dictate grinding, we leverage our experienced griding partners to finish the job.

Fabrication and Assembly

Simple assembly and inserts are handled in house, but when that becomes a job of its own, we call on our experienced partners to deliver.

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