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just to name a few...

MAD MFG is constantly adding new capabilities and taking on new parts. Here are a few routine examples of solutions we offer:


Bulkheads, members, and brackets made from lightweight and/or difficult materials, and with difficult geometries, are routine parts for our machining centers.

The 5-axis machining center table-tilt type cutting the aero space parts by indexable tool

Fixtures and Jigs

Buildplates, assembly fixtures, and fastening jigs are effectively handled with multiaxis access. Give your assembly technicians peace of mind with high-quality tooling.


Enclosures and Boxes

From rugged boxes to thin-walled enclosures, we can ensure accurate port locations and fastening positions for your electronic protection needs.

Electronic Circuit


Impellers and propellers present unique toolpath challenges for most machine shops. Our software and tooling provide unique solutions for the effective production of turbomachinery.

Close up scene the  5-axis  machining center cutting the boat propeller parts with solid b


Everything from specialty fasteners, seals, manifolds, unions, and flanges include just a few of the turning geometries and parts supported

Image by Greg Rosenke


Castings offer their own set of challenges for machining. Modern probing cycles from different approach planes ensure customer-provided castings are machined true to form.

Image by Mastars
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