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Conventional Service Offerings

With the understanding that cutting-edge equipment provides the best value for high-quality manufacturing, we thrive on effective solutions for the projects and timetables that other shops shy away from.

We are heavily software-driven and utilize the highest-quality machine programming and drafting systems on the market. Our workflow is wrapped in an elegant MES to ensure timely quality and predictability

Realizing that all of this technology is dependent on people, we cultivate a climate of passion. Our machinists take pride in their work and love the continuous challenge of modern machining.

Machine Relentlessly!

Multi-Axis Milling

In the past, it was a niche solution.


Now, multi-axis machining is standard for most applications to reduce labor, increase accuracy, and deliver more cost effective parts.

Live-Tool Turning

Robust turning centers with live tools and sub-spindles deliver hands-off one-and-done production solutions

Coatings &

Familiar with most specifications, we turn to our experienced partners for full service solutions


CMM and digital, optical systems provide fast, precise measurements to enure total conformance

Conventional Service Offerings

Custom Solutions

Emergency Machining

We are often able to facilitate quick turnaround projects within our schedule.

Reverse Engineering


OEM parts no longer supported or too far out? Are Drawings non-existant?

We can deliver high-quality, fast solutions to keep you in the game.

Conventional Service Offerings

Technologies Employed

 “If you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got"  -Henry Ford.
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