Quality Wins the Fight

Recognizing the value of predictability and consistency in an organization's supply chain, we are constantly striving to systemize quality in our manufacturing processes.

We are working to certify our quality system to AS9100 standards by the end of 2022. With many systems already in place, we can implement project-specific additions to fill any short-term gaps.

Digitally Managed Production

Our modern, digital ERP allows us to integrate documentation and workflow seamlessly. We strive to eliminate as much human element as possible in documenting quality. 



Familiar with sourcing material to any specification, we maintain strict traceability. Our traceability documentation also applies to hardware and related specifications. We continuously vet new suppliers and heavily prioritize them by their consistency in providing products as ordered, with the correct documentation to match.



The most important equipment in any machine shop is located in the inspection room. We understand the limitations of each piece of equipment and how that plays into what is communicated on drawings. Maintenance and certification of these instruments are key in upholding their sacred nature.



The tenacious pursuit of perfection drives us to push the limits in everything we do. Until we get there, we count on transparency to fill the gaps.

Image by Markus Spiske


We are currently migrating our digital footprint to the Azure cloud; the same cloud systems utilized by the DoD to secure their digital data.


We plan to be fully compliant with CMMC Lv 1 in Q3 2022.