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Quality Wins the Fight

Recognizing the value of predictability and consistency in an organization's supply chain, we constantly strive to automate and improve quality in our manufacturing processes.

Operating with a robust QMS, we are in the process of certifying under AS9100.

Digitally Managed Production

Our modern, digital MES allows us to integrate documentation and workflow seamlessly. We strive to eliminate as much human element as possible in documenting quality. 


Materials and Hardware

Familiar with sourcing material and hardware to any specification, we maintain strict documentation on all materials.



The most important equipment in any machine shop is located in the inspection room.  We heavily employ modern, vision-based solutions.



Let us know what you want to know and we'll key you into specific data throughout our manufacturing process.


We are currently migrating our digital footprint to the Azure cloud

targeting total CMMC compliance before EOY2022.

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